Fred Stromsoe On Route 66

October 21, 2012


Fred Stromsoe(1930-94) was an actor/stuntman. His most recognizable role as an actor is probably as Officer Jerry Woods on Adam-12. Stromsoe was the resident stuntman/double on the series Route 66. He can be spotted  doubling for series stars Martin Milner, George Maharis and Glenn Corbett,  as well as guest stars.  He also appears in bit parts.  […]

Legacy For Lucia

January 14, 2012


Legacy was the 8th episode. Beginning with episode 2, a 1961 Corvette was used. The only time a 1960 Vette was seen was in the pilot, Black November. However in Legacy, there is a shot of the 1960 Corvette. In the beginning, Tod is seen in the 61 leaving the sawmill and driving into town […]

A Fury Slinging Flame, November 1960

December 2, 2011


This episode of Route 66 is on the  Shout Factory set. However several scenes are missing from the print, plus it is very dark.  It would be interesting to know the story of how this bad print made it to the dvds. Most, if not all R66 episodes run 50+ minutes. But this one clocks […]

Fifty Miles From Home

July 18, 2010


The episode Fifty Miles From Home introduced the character of  Lincoln Case played by Glenn Corbett.  Linc was a Special Forces veteran just returned from Vietnam on leave.  He was trying to decide if he would re-enlist.  In a rare case of continuity from one episode to the the next, the issue of Linc’s re-enlistment […]

Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain

July 10, 2010


  Robert Duvall was shown as Tod’s friend Lee in the episode Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain.  Producer Herbert Leonard and writer Sterling Silliphant were familiar with Duvall since he had a major role in the episode Birdcage On My Foot and had been featured in several episodes of Naked City which […]

A Gift For A Warrior

July 10, 2010


A Gift For A Warrior was the last Route 66 episode aired with George Maharis.  It was not the last episode he filmed.  That would be Only By Cunning Glimpses.  CBS held Warrior back and inserted it after four Tod only episodes to create the illusion that Maharis was still in the series. What gives it away […]

Behind the Scenes Route 66 Footage Found

July 4, 2010


Recently some home movie footage was discovered showing the filming of the Route 66 episode; Narcissus on an Old Red Fire Engine. It was shot by Henry Freudenburg of the Galveston, Texas Chamber of Commerce in 1963. The film shows scenes being shot at the Seahorse Motel and the Pleasure Pier. Stars Martin Milner, Glenn […]